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Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik - Radiant beauty with heart, hand and mind

Since 1955, Europe's first ever beauty farm year of opening, Gertraud Gruber has been synonymous with classic beauty care based on natural principles – and more besides. Her concept of holistic cosmetics which not only enhance a woman's appearance but also boost her inner radiance was and is revolutionary.

We are convinced that beauty – like health – stems from harmony: harmony between body, mind and soul. That is why the Gertraud Gruber approach to beauty care has always been a holistic one.

We use the wealth of experience we have gained from the more than 25,000 treatments we give on our beauty farm every year. Creating a unique foundation for the development of innovative new products for different target groups: Natural · Effective · Modern.

Our Prime Professional Quality Logo means: "As natural as it gets – with the best qualities in terms of efficacy, tolerability and application behaviour!"

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GERTRAUD GRUBER KOSMETIK product range contains:

Cleansing lines: Cleansing, deep cleansing, peeling, tonic
Basic line
Special skin care: Eyes and lips, masks and packs, ampoules, special skin care
For neck, décolleté and chest, phyto cosmetics line
Facial skin care lines: classical line, moisturizing line, erythrosis line, acne line, problem skin line, combination skin
Mature skin care lines
Men skin care line
Body skin care line

BIOMIMED® Micellar Cleansing Water – ideal for problem skin
The BIOMIMED® Micellar Cleansing Water is perfect for preparing skin for follow-on individual biomimetic systemic skin care products from GERTRAUD GRUBER KOSMETIK. This cleanser with micellar technology is particularly skin-friendly and mild, cleansing even problem skin gently yet effectively. In addition, allantoin, panthenol and plant glycerin improve skin hydration and help stabilise the skin's acid mantle.
Hydro3 Hyaluron Serum
A freshness boost for the skin: triple hydration you can see and feel.
The Hydro3 Hyaluron Serum with three moisture boosters consisting of hyaluronic acid, plankton from Brittany and an aqua complex regulates the moisture levels in your skin and promotes its ability to retain moisture in three ways. The result: With regular use, the skin will appear more even, smoother and firmer.
MARINE BALANCE – Alkaline Skincare for a pure, well-balanced skin.
In our MARINE BALANCE method we have successfully created a cosmetic
treatment for eliminating excess acids deposited in the connective tissue that
doubles as an application for use at home. The interaction of applications and
natural, high-quality products helps rebalance your skin's and your body's pH.