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B.Kettner brings the professional expertise of modern beauty salons to your home. Technologies that have been developed in the medical and cosmetological context have been recreated for home use, and enhanced with professional cosmetics formulations.

Designed and developed in Munich, Germany, the devices have been tested by professional beauticians. They satisfy rigorous quality and performance standards, and are easy to use.

These skin care products have been developed and manufactured in Germany. The basis is a professional skin care brand that has been successful worldwide for 30 years. The formulations do not contain parabens or mineral oil derivatives.

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VisoClean - Facial cleansing
Cleansing your skin is a critical step in your daily routine. It not only removes make up, it also removes all those impurities that come mainly from pollution. VisoClean allows you to get a deep clean with its innovative rotating brush and cleansing cosmetic solutions.

What is special about VisoVibe?
Soft silicone material with rounded silicone bristles for gentle, friction-free cleaning. Easy to clean silicone material reduces the risk of bacteria building, material is non-porous and hypoallergenic. Waterproof to IPX7.

VisoRelax optimizes and relaxes the sensitive skin around the eyes. The device unfolds its optimal effect in combination with the eye care product especially adapted to the application, reducing wrinkles and fine lines and ameliorating any shadows under the eyes.
VisoRelax - eye-care device with lifting effect!

Microdermabrasion is a gentle yet effective skin renewal variation. Combine microdermabrasion with B.Kettner products to achieve a maximum effect.
Microdermabrasion – the gentle way to renewed, brilliant, and beautiful skin!