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TECDASH is a global leading platform for beauty and body care, daily use and health products. It collects global resources and integrates design, R&D, production and sales in order to provide premium products and services for its global partners. The brand BLINGBELLE under TECDASH has entered into markets of emerging countries and regions such as China mainland, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, etc., becoming a new fashion leader and standard indicator in beauty industry in a speedy manner. Based on its excellent supply chain system and perfect production quality controlling system, TECDASH assists its partners to provide customized and personalized products and services.

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BlingBelle, as an industrial star and fashion darling, is designed to be a fashionable pioneer with outstandingly high cost performance and excellent product performance. Once it came to the market, it created a fashionable and personalized storm with excellent performance and inexpensive price in the mainland of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. It flooded into various internet platforms. Based on its powerful design and R&D ability and its supply chain platform, BlingBelle continues to keeping promoting new product lines such as face brush, blackhead suction, nano mist sprayer, facial steamer, aroma humidifier etc..

Belle Facial Brush
Cleaning the skin with vibration massage, promoting blood circulation, enhancing metabolism, saying "bye bye" to skin edema.
Sonic vibration of 15 gears (7 gears in low frequency, 7 gears in high frequency), you can adjust the massage strength as you wish.
Cleaning pores, improving acne muscle, relieving irritability can be completed by this kind of product

Nano Ion Sprayer
Ideal for dry and rough skin, large pores, especially suitable for sensitive skin.
Gently moisturing the skin keep skin hydrated, softer, smoother and more beautiful.
Carry easily and conveniently with compact size and lightweight. 

Aroma Humidifier
The BlingBelle Aroma Humidifier mixes water and fragrance oil and diffuses the mixture into air to fill the room space with fragrance and keep a higher humidity in the room.

Provides better relaxation and improved sleep.
Enhances your mood and keep you cool.
Helps You Breathe Easier. Pain Relief.
Safer Alternative to Candles & Incense.