Here you can find the exhibitors within the German Village at COSMOPROF Worldwide Bologna 2017.

Booth F36-C acurata GmbH & Co. KG

acurata – manufacturer of premium rotating instruments –diamond instruments, tungsten carbide cutters, bits, polishers

Since 40 years we produce exclusively rotating instruments for dentists and dental laboratories and since 7 years we produce for podiatrists and nail studios also. We offer the highest quality at reasonable prices. Rotating instruments “made in Germany”

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Booth D36-E35-D Heinrich Böker Baumwerk GmbH

The Böker Manufaktur is producing knives since 1969 now and then in Solingen. Today we are leader in innovation for outdoor and collectors knives.

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Booth F36-D Gustav Baehr GmbH

The family-owned company is one of the leading companies in the foot care, cosmetics and nail market in Germany. The unbeatably varied product range coupled with quality, service and expertise are the recipe for success followed by Gustav Baehr GmbH.

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Booth D36-E35-C Hadewe GmbH

We are a long standing family company who was founded in 1967 in Hanover, Germany. Our Service encompasses the whole spectrum of machines required for the foot care sector.

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Booth F36-F Heraeus Kulzer GmbH

Heraeus Kulzer is an innovative company, which is active as manufacturer of UV gel and powder/liquid systems for more than 30 years. We are focused on the development and private label manufacturing of UV products and powder/liquid systems for nail cosmetics and podiatry.

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The WildeGroup is a modern cosmetics company that operates internationally. Its brands LCN, LaNature and MONTEIL offer innovative and high quality products and services to the cosmetics market.

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Booth D36-E35-E NWT GmbH

NWT GmbH is an producer of professionl podiatry and manicure equipment. NWT GmbH is one of the worldwide leading manufacturer of podiatry devices and supplies many well-known brands.

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Booth F36-A Titania Fabrik GmbH

TITANIA® is one of the leading German manufacturers for manicure, pedicure and cosmetic articles with a range of more than 1.300 products and an export to more than 120 countries.

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