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acurata – manufacturer of premium rotating instruments –diamond instruments, tungsten carbide cutters, bits, polishers

Since 40 years we produce exclusively rotating instruments for dentists and dental laboratories and since 7 years we produce for podiatrists and nail studios also. We offer the highest quality at reasonable prices. Rotating instruments "made in Germany"

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94169 Thurmansbang

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  • Rotating instruments for foot and nail careTungsten carbide cutters
  • Tungsten carbide cutters for sinistrals
  • Ball cutters
  • Nail cleaner
  • Diamond instruments
  • Silicone-Polishers
  • Brushes
  • Acrylic Stand
530 104 274 LSQ 060N (Bild)
Lamellas toothing, fine with cross cut and PVD-coating (wear protection coating)
Nail studio: Quick removal of acrylic, color gel and ornaments

Podiatry: Quick removal of thick grypotic nails and callus, treatment of orthesis silicones and hyperkerathosis

Characteristic: very high durability and removal rate, easy cleaning and longer service life, no heat development

500 104 274 NEM 060N (Bild)
German patent
Combination toothing, coarse and fine on one tool
Nail studio: Quick removal of gel and simultaneous smoothing.

Podiatry: Quick removal of callus, smoothing and designing of fungal infected nails. Treatment of cuticle and nail fold. Recommended for diabetics.

Characteristic: Coarse and fine segments on one cutter, this means unmatched cutting performance together with smooth surfaces, very smooth running, long service life and especially gentle for the patient.

400 104 274 190 060N (Bild)
Ceramic cutter – medium coarse-
Nail studio: removal of gel and shellac, refinishing
Podiatry: removal of callus designing of fungal infected nails
Characteristic: easy cleaning, smooth running, disinfect-and sterilisable, not heat development, perfect cutting characteristics