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Donau Kanol - from vision to product

From the product idea to the ready for the shelf product – Donau Kanol produces liquid and paste-like consumer goods for cosmetics.

Being the largest Austrian contract developing and contract manufacturing company, Donau Kanol puts its performance for more than 80 years successfully into the service of the customer. As highly qualified contract manufacturer we offer a wide spectrum of services that include the development of innovative, high-quality formulations, individual packaging solutions and all documentations.

The main point of our mission is sustainability, quality and innovation.

We supply:

• Your private label product with optimal "time to market" implementation
• ISO:9001, ISO:14001, ISO:13485, ISO:22716 Cosmetic-GMP, BDIH, AISE

Donau Kanol is a business unit of Donau Chemie Group

  • Cosmetics
  • Private label manufacturer
  • Private label manufacturer
  • Skin care
  • Wellness for hands & nails


Herr Wolfgang Stelzhammer
Grossendorf 65
4551 Ried im Traumkreis

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As a full service supplier Donau Kanol is presenting a variety of possibilities in developing and producing cosmetic products.

Especially for Cosmoprof in Bolognia we pick out special products in the field of "skin care for men", "lubricants" and "Shower Gel – European Journey" to present it to our visitors.

Snail Cream
Snail secretion filtrate or snail gel contains natural acids and elastin that will improve your skins appearance.

Jojoba oil soothes and smoothens the skin.
Coenzyme Q10 is a free radical catcher that provides care for aging skin.
Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant that delays the physiological aging and increases nutrient inputs to the cells.
Skin Care for Men
Special skin needs special care. Men are still a growing customer group in the cosmetic business and therefore we are constantly developing new formulations and packaging concepts according to market trends.

We are proud to present a new line of skin care products for men as an example of our possibilities for your brand and your customers' needs.
Ethanol Based Products – Corporation with BEKRA MINERAL
One of the top ten Ingredients in today's cosmetics is alcohol, especially ethanol. Therefore the logical conclusion is, that a contract manufacturer should also concentrate on providing ethanol-based products. To produce such ethanol containing products, we have got a separated area which is explosion-protected. We are proud on our corporation with the Brand BEKRA MINERAL producing a part of the product range like different types of deodorants.