Booth no. F36-H
  •  a comprehensive professional care system with 11 lines, covering different price ranges
  •  high quality formulas that are free of mineral oils
  •  products with 95-100% natural ingredients
  •  the green tec concept: medicinal plants in combination with patented high-tech ingredients
  •  very good skin compatibility due to skin-identical raw materials, such as DMS and NMF
  •  successful solutions for problem skin
  •  a family run business with 30 years of expertise in research, development, production and application
  •  a doctor brand with a high credibility and medical design
  •  complete treatment methodology, also for men and body treatments
  •  direct supply fresh from the factory in Germany, produced according to GMP rules
  • Cosmetics
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  • Private label
  • Private label manufacturer
  • Skin care
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Wodanstr. 12
38106 Braunschweig

Phone: +49 531 34 44 78
Fax: +49 531 34 44 80

E-Mail: cosmetic@belter.de
Website: www.belcos.de

Export Manager:
Sonia Belter-Helal
Tel: +49 (0) 531 34 44 78


The great variety of preparations allows an individual care concept for any skin condition. Our care range is of a high quality and skin compatibility meeting highest professional requirements. All products are continuously improved according to the latest knowledge in cosmetic science. We demonstrate our successfully working lines for problematic skin like for allergic disposition and tendencies toward couperosis and acne.

The DR.BELTER® development team is inspired by the fascinating diversity
of nature and constantly transfers this into new active substance formulations.
Using precious domestic and exotic botanicals. The favourite active ingredient
groups are skin-identical substances, plant complexes and marine extracts. At the booth you will find all retails products as well as samples. Visitors can expect a comprehensive consultation from a member of our german headquater. We are happy to introduce our very new and relaunched anti-aging line «Stimula»®.

Next Generation - stimula® - organic meets medical beauty

► now with biological plant extracts
► vegan, free of palm oil

DR.BELTER® COSMETIC stands for natural, dermatologically sensible skin care using GreenTec formulations. The GreenTec concept combines natural organic ingredients with a high level of innovative promedical active ingredients. All products are free of mineral and silicone oil and parabens-free.