Heinrich Böker Baumwerk GmbH

Booth no. D36-E35-D

The Böker Manufaktur is producing knives since 1969 now and then in Solingen. Today we are leader in innovation for outdoor and collectors knives. Since several years we took a lot of effort to rediscover our knowledge about production of forged highest quality straight razors. With help of retired grinders we built new machines following old restored example and educated young artisans to work with it. All our straight razors have the highest and most challenging type of grind: pronounced hollow with wall.

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Schützenstr. 30
42659 Solingen

Phone: +49 212 - 40 12 30
Fax: +49 212 - 40 12 80

E-Mail: info@boker.de
Website: www.boker.de


  • Straight Razors
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Straight Razor Boker Waldorf

Item 140321, Straight Razor Böker Waldorf
As more than 100 years ago, a layer of genuine 24 carat gold is professionally plated to the blade. Böker tree inlay, pins, genuine brass rosette, 5/8 inch, rounded head. Carbon steel blade (edge-holding, not stainless) with pronounced hollow grind with wall that is ground in many elaborate process steps. Fully hand-made in the Böker knife manufactory in Solingen. Certificate of authenticity in historical packaging.

item 140407DAM, Böker Damascus Ebony Straight Razor

Blade of powder metallurgical stainless Damascus with 180 layers of Damascus steel. The traditional hollow grind brings out the beautiful texture of the Damascus pattern perfectly. Made with the latest technology available. Handles made of selected ebony. Historic Boker logo artfully inlaid in the scale. Handmade in 150 steps in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen. Hhistorical packaging with a certificate of authenticity. Blade: 5/8".

Straight Razor Boker Elite Carbon

Reviving the tradition of the eccentric straight razors of the brand name "Böker Elite" from the end of the 19th century. Massive 6/8" blade of carbon steel (non-stainless) for superior edge retention. Scales milled with CNC technology from a solid billet of high tech carbon material. Manufactured by hand in a process of 140 steps in the Boker Manufactory in Solingen, Germany. Historical packaging with a certificate of authenticity.