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United Brands is a family-owned company, with a know-how of over 28 years in the cosmetic industry. The company is specialized in all kind of LIQUID LINER COSMETIC PENS. Our passion is invested in creating innovative products, which are already setting trends on the beauty market. Our business focus is to be one of the top 3 Cosmetic Pen Manufacturers in the cosmetic industry – more importantly, the most cost efficient supplier in this industry. A high tech fully automatized manufacturing facility is the fundament of a cost efficient high tech manufacturer.

Only very special parts or components are being purchased externally. Our raw material suppliers are all sources from high tech countries, such as Japan and Germany.

We target to be the one stop source for the international cosmetic industry in the field of cosmetic pens with focus on capillary-system pens.

  • Colours
  • Cosmetics
  • Make up products
  • Manicure
  • Private label manufacturer


Rheidter Str. 52 a
53859 Niederkassel

Phone: +49 228 9 71 76 - 0
Fax: +49 228 9 71 76 - 79

E-Mail: sales@u-b-m.com
Website: www.u-b-m.com


As a Private Label manufacturer, United Brands offers a turnkey service for branded cosmetic lines. Starting from formula development and ending with finished and packed products, it is all made under one roof, near the metropolitan city of Cologne in Germany.

Though customers may choose from over 130 different colors, the company keeps on investing in color development.

As an innovation-driven manufacturer, United Brands constantly creates smart packaging designs and systems, in order to ensure a point of difference for all clients. It is also important to note, that the company offers the possibility to choose from a range of over 15 different applicators.
Last but not least, its employees provide highly professional guidance and assistance in the development of new products for each and every cosmetic line. Thanks to all of this, the possibility to enrich one's portfolio in an easy and cost-efficient way is just a step away.

Our novelty pen - Lip Stain with BRUSH, releases the perfect amount of ink that allows a flawless and gentle stroke. Its liquid texture is formulated to spread without smudging, so you can paint your lips with the same precision of a professional makeup artist.
NEW Flocky Spatula applicator - luxurious and one of its kind! The soft fibers of the special applicator release perfect amount of color that enables full coverage and at the same time prevents any possibility for bleeding of the color. You can fill in the lips in one smooth application thanks to the wider spatula angle. It is a must have make up product, which is very easy and enjoyable for every user.
Eyebrow pens give you the opportunity to enhance your eyes by making your eyebrows look thicker and fuller. Our product range includes variety of applicators as well as large range of colors.

For new inspiration - our Trio Dot Eyebrow pen allows you to perfectly shape the Eyebrows by filling in the natural arch of your brow. Versatile and long lasting, this pen is going to be the next big hit on the brow market