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Tradition & Innovation
We are a long standing family company, and our decisions are made from heart & mind, and based on experience. At hadewe, traditional aspects are mixed with innovative technology to provide the best possible service for our business partners for over 40 years, and for a long time to come.

The hadewe GmbH was founded in 1967 by Herbert Menzel in Hannover, Germany.
We started as a supplier of milling and turning parts for the industry, and used that experience to provide a specialized product portfolio for the dental sector in the early 80s. This led to us being a major manufacturer for the professional podiatry sector.

We expanded this position during the 90s, first within the European countries, and later in further international countries, and also as a main brand name in Germany.

  • Cosmetic technology
  • Manicure
  • Miscellaneous
  • Pedicure
  • Private label manufacturer


beauty and medical equipment Hadewe GmbH
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We are a manufacturer of medical foot care devices from Hannover. Our range includes suction devices as well as spray devices. In addition to foot care devices, we also offer brush grinders and grinders for nail care. The range furthermore includes accessories such as foot care cases and foot care bags, magnifying lamps, leg rests, foot care cabinet and rotating instruments.

The suction device Auroria meets the highest requirements. Modern and equipped with many technical refinements, it offers safe and clean working.

The new units have a brushless suction motor, which is not only very silent, but also much lower in weight. Due to the ergonomic shape of the handpiece and a diameter of 17 mm, it is even possible to work in a pin position easily. A powerful light source at the top of the handpiece provides a pleasant work environment even under bad light conditions.

The Hyperios3 unit stands out due to its modern design and advanced technology. The fine atomising technology allows working with spray liquids without alcohol additive, which protects the patient and especially the user in long hours of continues work. The speed of the modern brushless motor can be variably adjusted up to 40.000 rpm. The Hyperios3 further has a replaceable water filter in its tank, and an automatic cleaning function for the avoidance of blockage in the spray nozzle.

The Medeas is one of the most innovative foot care devices. The touchscreen display facilitates the work in many ways. Preferred speeds, Introductory videos and your own photos can be shown on the display. It can be chosen between two different handpieces, which are distinguished by the shape and the way the milling cutters are tensioned. The quiet extraction, the light weight and our special clamping system make the use very easy and efficient.